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**New Fall Flowers**
All new fall flowers can be put on clips or headbands and will go ~FAST~!! Most are one-of-a-kind.
** Order by giving size in diameter, color- then which row and which column it is located in. (for example, 2 inch pink - row 1 column 6)**

2 inches in diameter - $3.00
(Click the photo to enlarge)

3 inches in diameter - $4.00
(click on photo to enlarge)

4 inches in diameter - $5.00
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Look how great they look with the kufi hats!

Most of the new flowers make lovely ladies clips and headbands as well!

Flowers for all seasons:

Small - $2.50
Medium - $3.50
Large - $4.00

SMALL Flower clip

Medium Flower clip

Large Flower clip